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of americans that approve of president barack obama's presidency has slipped to lower than high. 48%. since taking office, obama's highest majority rating was 69%. january of 2009, seven days after his inauguration. this current obama chill may have fortified ed henry of cnn to pose this audacious question to the new president this week. >> can you envision a scenario where you don't run for free election? >> if i feel like i have made the very best decision for the american people and three years from now i look at it and my poll numbers are in the tank, and you know, because we have gone through these changes, you know, politically, i'm in a ll right. >> question, is president obama saying more than he says in this response to ed henry? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is like ronald reagan saying look, if it doesn't work out, i can go back to the ranch and chop wood and i'll be perfectly happy. he's saying something like that. he's in serious trouble for this reason. the economic policies do not appear to be working with unemployment at 10.2%, and now people are talking about a seco
, another governor's seat went gop. >> received a call from president obama who was exceptionally gracious and kind. >> quietly, democrats had to be a bit heartbroken. >> good morning. this is not quite the good morning i had hoped it would be. >> even if they put on a happy face. >> from my perspective, we won last night. >> appearances by president obama, bill clinton, joe biden, and al gore in the governors' races would indicate otherwise. they wanted to win badly, and voters simply did not bite. >> i think this is a signal that a better reconsider the direction of their policies. >> all this talk about the death of the party and it is over, it is crazy nonsense. >> the town hall meetings, the rallies. it is a real concern about this dangerous level of debt. >> exit polling showed more than half of the voters said president obama was not a factor in their decision. republicans insist it was a referendum, and they say if they can capitalize on these opportunities, that congress and even the white house will be in play. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> democrats came away with a big victory
president obama on afghanistan on a day when we know president obama now intends to announce his decision next week. good afternoon, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> there are several reports regarding the number of troops the president plans on sending to afghanistan. we'll talk much more about it. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. david in the picture right now, president obama said today he intends to finish the job in afghanistan while dismantling al qaeda's ability to plot attacks against america. nbc news has learned the president is expected to announce his new plan for afghanistan as david mentioned next week, as early as december 1st. several news agencies including mcclach chi newspapers and the associated press report the president will send between 30 and 35,000 more u.s. troops to that region. >> i will be making an announcement to the american people about how we intend to move forward. i will be doing so shortly. i feel very confident that when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achie
the army really believes that. i think the obama administration is more skeptical. >> lauren, there are two schools of thought on the president's protracted process. one is dick cheney school of the president dithering and that he is patient. what repercussions are there for the policy? >> well, our allies are looking to us for a very clear signal as to whether we are going to commit. unfortunately the rhetoric of the president's early months has become a good deal less, shall we say, aggressive, less decisive than where he began. obviously the pakistanis are concerned there might be decline in our commitment to the situation and, frankly, i think what they're detecting is right. i don't think the administration wants to do this. they're trying to figure out some way of extricating themselves, or at least not building up any further, but it is awfully hard. they have boxed themselves in. >> greg's excellent story in the washington post today about how obama is going through province by province to find out the leaders. that is like lbj poring over maps in the vietnam white house in the seco
actually comes. the obama, for obama. here, it starts with a name. margaret conley, abc news, obama city, japan. >> and the word obama translates to little beach. >> little beach, he sadly will not be visiting on this trip. >> yeah. >> maybe next time. >>> stay w >> just moments away on good morning, washington, traffic for trivers and will a water main break turn an already big friday rush into a longer one? >> and a nor'easter funds to coast with heavy rains and high winds. we are on storm watch this morning. >> and president obama arrives to another country and makes a tribute to the service penn. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good friday morning washington, i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling, good morning, everybody. we have made it to friday morning. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> this could be a difficult one on the beltway. >> brian? >> we're looking at some rough gos along the area because of leftover wet pavement and gusty winds. today the rain is less intense. light in nature but off and on roughout day. it will
that the future of the united states and asia is inextricably linked. >> president obama is in asia threw next week with stops in tokyo, singapore, shanghai, beijing. so who get as the lion's share of obama's time? china. three days out of nine replicating what happened recently at the u.n. where the president of china and president obama were closeted for 90 minutes. this time allocation speaks for itself. and if there is any doubt remaining, obama's description of the u.s./chinese relationship clears it up. >> the relationship between the united states and china will shape the 21st century, which makes it as important bilateral relationship in the world. >> question. what must president obama accomplish in china this coming week? pat? >> he'll have to rebalance the trade relationship between the united states and china. the last ten years, the chinese have had a $2 trillion surplus. we've experted to them jobs, factories, money, technology, and that's one of the reasons why we've got this financial crisis and the dollar's in such trouble. what he's got to do is convince the chinese that this
driven by the real economy or was it due to the obama stimulus, pat buchanan? >> it was due to the stimulus and also the federal reserve. they were doubling to the money supply. these are steroid shots for the american economy and it worked. looks stronger, looks a lot better, but there's steroids. the real economy hasn't really come back. this should carry us through for one or two more quarters, but then we're going to see if the private economy is coming back, and there are no real signs of that right now. you've got your unemployment hanging in there at 9.8%, jon. so i think obviously this is good news. it's helpful to a lot of people, but i don't think it's conclusive proof that the real economy's come back. >> the stimulus helped, right? >> the stimulus helped. they have expired or the real estate credit is about to expire, but it's good news that government intervention actually did rescue us from the precipice, but what happens when these programs fade away? is there enough confidence in the economy to sustain this recovery? i think that's why president obama was sor
on terror. >>> will president obama's visit bring iran back to the negotiating table. >>> pirates back in the news. the same ship that was the center of a dramatic rescue fought off another somali pirate. >>> how is the united states refining its anti-piracy strategy. the coast guard is bringing apprehended pirates to justice. how to fend off attacks. commander shannon gilrees, chief of prevention log group. commander, welcome to the show. >> thank you, sir. >> so how is the united states refining its anti-piracy campaign. >> we'll continue to adapt to what the pirates are throwing at us as far as their techniques. we are working with the maritime industry to try to answer their questions about how we can help them address the problems in the region. we're also working with interagency -- agency by that i mean the department of defense, department of state, the maritime administration, other agencies -- >> the justice department as well? >> the justice department as well. we're working to refine that policy to adapt the policies the pirates are using. >> prosecuting captured pirates ha
they have the momentum to push through health care reform, which is president obama's top domestic priority. there are a handful of holdouts. we'll get to that. mike barnicle with us. willie geist scampering in like a bunny. >> i don't want to hear the nay sayers. mike barnicle, this is big. big mo. >> what a bunch of nerds. the nerd celebration down there. >> it's great, baby. it's good. >> lots of headlines this morning beyond health care reform. we'll get to that. >> we're packed. >> there are some nay sayers who say it's dead on arrival. >> what did you say? >> i'm excited for them. >> be happy for them. >> what i am talking about is just how much one will pay for a vote. the louisiana purchase, "the washington post" reporting this morning just how much senator landrieu's vote cost. we'll have that. >> speaking of purchases. >> you got the coffee. >> in the grocery store on saturday, i purchased this. >> up in boston, huh? >> that's good. in your local grocery store. little advertisement. also, a storeevey of another key having trouble with the catholic church, or perhaps just rabble ro
] >> exit question. will president obama's plans for immigration reform be set back by the fallout from the fort hood killing, yes or no? >> he's not going to go forward with immigration reform. if he did, it would be set back. >> eleanor? >> immigration reform is a next-year project at the very least. they will continue with it. we're still dealing with 12 million people in the country. we need to know more about who they are. this just gives impetus. this was a u.s. citizen who was born here and has nothing to do with immigration. >> but he's a muslim. >> so what. >> hold on. hold on. >> believes as you do. >> in what way, pat? how is that dangerous? >> go down to fort hood. >> how about christians? christians ever kill each other? >> have you heard of the irish catholic clashes? >> stop baiting buchanan. >> he's baiting me, john. >> go ahead. >> it is not gonna have an effect on the president's immigration initiatives, but i think, you know, this whole conversation about well, it's america's fault, we're on the ground in iraq, we're on the ground in afghanistan, they hit us on 9/11 b
are lining up to get them. we will show you how president obama spend thanksgiving, plus how u.s. troops overseas are celebrating this holiday. and everyone is trying to figure ralph did two reality show hopefuls get into the white house state dinner without an invitation. >> live and in hb, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side -- live and in hd. >> black friday used to be the date of shopper's dream of, but many stores are getting a jump start on the deal by opening up on thanksgiving day. some people have already started their shopping. rebecca cooper is live now in springfield with more on this new holiday trend. >> this thanksgiving, and number retailers are hoping to take advantage of some of that renewed consumer confidence after the dismal sales year they have had so far, so there were a number of stores open today inluding old navy, the gap, wal-mart, and a store that has been open every thanksgiving, a kmart. the trees are up and christmas is in the air at stores ready to sell, but with turkey on the table, why go shopping on thanksgiving day? >> with all of the coupon offers
unless the senate puts the pedal to the metal and moves this legislation forward. president obama has already signed on. >> the this issue are over. >> question. if the u.s. does agree to sign a kobeen hagen agreement, what impact will that have on u.s. jobs, pat buchanan? >> i don't think it will have any impact, john, because i don't think it will get through the united states senate. there's a reason for that, john. al gore's moment has come and gone. the truth is, they are changing the nile to climate change rather than global warming for a reason. for ten years, the earth has been cooling. 1998 or so was the hottest year. the polar bear population is doing fine. antarctica is growing, the ice cap is growing. the arctic ice cap has stopped shrinking. you look around the united states, you are having record cold trends. you have this tremendous real problem in the american economy as opposed toed mythical problem of global warming. for these reasons, john, i think it's not going to get through the senate. i think, as i say, al gore's moment has passed. this whole thing was a bit of
the trimmings. there'll be pumpkins, pecans, and sweet potato pies as well as cheesecake. >> president obama will decide the future of many service members for afghanistan on tuesday night. he will lay out his plans for the role in afghanistan at a speech in west point. the president is expected to announce the addition of 30,000 more troopss and set goals for ending the war. he's also said to attend a conference in copenhagen on climate control. there was speculation he would not attend, but the white house says his decision to attend is a sign of his commitment to curbing climate change. after the conference on december 9th, he will head to oslo to accept the nobel peace prize. >> wizards owner paid -- abe pollin was known as a charitable man who helped to revitalize more than just downtown washington d.c. let's go live to the six street synagogue on how abe pollin is being remembered. >> abe pollin was a member of the washington hebrew congregation but he cared about all things jewish. he was a major force in saving this synagogue. crews were setting up for tonight's concert. >> about tww
inside the new republican revolution, but is it working? and what does it mean for president obama? george stephanopoulos joins us. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is "nightline," november 2nd, 2009. >>> good evenings are i'm terry moran. and we're going to begin tonight with the human quest for longevity and an american city testing four secrets to a longer life. it was chosen for a so-called vitality project funded by the united health foundation because it's pretty unremarkable really. because it didn't take too long before the people of albert lea, minnesota started achieving pretty remarkable results, for themselves, for their families and for the entire community. john donvan has the report. >> reporter: do you want to live a long, long time? wells are this man right here, dan buettner has traveled the world looking for the secrets to living a longer and healthier life. along the way, he met guitar-playing raphael lne in costa rica, he is 100 years old. ♪ >> reporter: ushi in ok
voters ditching president obama and his democratic party? should democrats be nervous? nbc political analyst charlie cook is joining us, editor and publisher of the "cook political report." he's the best in the business. "newsweek's" howard fineman is a political analyst and brilliant columnist, again, proving that again this week. with his column for "newsweek." let's look at a couple polls this week. this is a fascinating poll. party i.d. if i ask you, "what are you?" at a party or on a street corner. what are you, anyway? looks at all of the polls and puts them together into a trendline. look at this, independents have risen in the last six months to up to 36% of voters, more than a third now, more than either party. and republicans are falling drastically down to 22. charles cook, even though the president is the one trying to run the country right now, and lead us, he gets hurt. but knew marically, the republicans are getting hurt bad in this shift to independents. >> they have -- they have not held -- republicans are being given a wonderful opportunity to pick up a
. also, what does double-digit unemployment mean for the obama agenda? we'll ask our sunday panel, hume, miasson, kristol and powers. hello again from fox news in washington. we are following two major stories this sunday. we'll get to the deadly massacre at fort hood in a few minutes. but first, late saturday night, the house approved its version of health care reform with just two votes to spare by a margin of 220-215. fox news chief washington correspondent jim angle has the story from capitol hill. jim? >> hello, chris. democratic leaders spent the last three days in furious behind-the-scenes negotiations because anti-abortion democrats were threatening to vote against the bill which would have killed it. speaker nancy pelosi knew she wouldn't get any republican support, so she needed all 40 of the democrats who insist no federal money be spent on abortions. they refused to back down, so ms. pelosi had no choice but to allow a vote on their amendment. >> the speaker recognizes that members deserve the chance to vote their conscience and have their voices heard on this most important
the obama administration pushing for congress to change the law. it would give the federal government control over safety regulations for subway and light rail systems across the country. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live with details. >> reporter: good morning. this is about providing more safety measures for passengers who board metro here at tenleytown and stations across the country. essentially the department of transportation would do for transit what it already does for airlines and amtrak. transportation secretary ray la hood said we have to do something about this. that was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed when two trains collide on the red line last june. now the federal government is considering to do just that with a proposal to take over safety regulations for the transit systems. metro is not the only one in the hot seat. transit systems an the country are under scrutiny. they believe they should have the same federal safety standard as airlines and trains do. >> at -- it lacks resources. it lacks the type of visibility that would
. the victim fought him off and managed to escape and called police. >>> the obama administration wants the federal government to be in charge of safety regulations for subway and light rail systems throughout the country. it's taking shape in the wake of a deadly metro crash last june. we have reaction from metro riders. >> reporter: we've got to do something about this. that's what transportation secretary ray lahood told the washington post was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed on june 22nd when two trains collide. subway and light rail systems are under scrutiny. they believe oversight by state and interstate commits leave much to be desired. they want the government to assume that role as they do with. >> i think it's good they regulate the safety. >> if it's not necessary, scene it local. >> i think it's a good idea. it's long overdue. >> reporter: the tri-state oversight committee that's supposed to monitor metro is not as effective as it should be. >> it lacks the type of visibility that would make it work. i think we probably need a replacement for that. >> r
in the 17-year legal battle but a similar case is pending. >>> president obama takes a scenic break from high-level talks but as he tours the forbidden city with china's top leader, major differences. the story is coming up. >>> plus, an important inspection takes place before the shuttle links up with the international space station. it is coming up on 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. rth carolina mother could face more chars in the death of her 5-year-old daughter. searchers found shania davis ' body 30-miles from her hometown in fayetteville. police accused the mother of offering her for sex. a man has been charged with kidnapping the little girl last week. >>> president obama toured beijing's forbidden city and he met with the chinese president for morethan two hours behind close doors. afterwards both leaders emphasized cooperation on the economy and climate change but differences remain on issues like human rights and trade. >>> this morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" is orbiting earth after blasting off from the kennedy space center yesterday afternoon. today the
>> decision time for afghanistan. president obama announces his plan tuesday. we'll get a preview from two top senators, jon kyl, the number two republican, and evan bayh, a democrat on the armed services committee. then a debate over health care reform and more with two political heavyweights, former presidential candidates republican mike huckabee and democrat howard dean. plus, they walk the line. meeting the president, vice president and other dignitaries at the white house state dinner. how did they give the slip to the secret service and why? our sunday panel discusses the story everyone's talking about. and our power player of the week, celebrating a century of caring for the nation's wounded warriors. all right now on "fox news sunday and hello again from fox news in washington. tuesday night president obama lays out his new military strategy for afghanistan. joining us now two senators who support the president will need. from arizona, jon kyl, the senate's number two republican, and evan bayh. president obama will announce his plan tuesday night in a speech to the nation from west po
barack obama and the democrats. we are seeing that independent voters were really key. they preferred mcdonnell by nearly a 2-1 ratio over democrat creigh deeds. the exit poll showed this was different from the 2008 election when independents in virginia split. down the middle between the two parties. it was clear early in this campaign that mcdonnell was becoming the favorite. poll after poll showed the republican candidate leading the race. mcdonnell said the numbers didn't matter and he encouraged voters to get out on election day. last night, he thanked them and talked about his plans for the state. >> leading virginia will require innovation and cooperation. my promise to you as governor is the same as my promise to you as candidate for governor. and that is to strengthen the free enterprise system, to create more jobs and opportunity so that every virginian can use their god- given taalents to pursue the american dream if liberty here in this great commonwealth. >> reporter: president obama, of course, was the first democrat in 44 years to win in virginia but this time around, v
trending democratic for the last five statewide races giving a big boost to president obama last year for the election. what was it about mcdonnell that spurred this change this time around? >> sean, when you look at these numbers, one things comes clear off the page. the owe bomb voter -- owe obama voters that registered last year didn't turn out this year. nearly half a million new voters entered the rolls last year with barack obama in the ballot, both during the primary and in the general election. clearly a lot of voters stayed home tonight. we are seeing voter totals maybe inching over the 20% mark. now 49% of voters turned out last year at this time. that didn't happen tonight and it hurt the democrats. >> tom fitzgerald live in richmond. thank you. >>> now to the democrats. creigh deeds' campaign headquarters. he conceded about an hour ago. maureen, what did deeds say about his defeat? >> reporter: he says he will continue fighting for virginians, as you can see behind me this barrett is over. they are packing up. they started doing that almost an hour ago, soon after the cand
. and president obama joined jon corzine on the campaign trail. >> this was not a question of obama policies or corzine paula sees that will lead us into this -- policies that led us into this. >>> investigators are trying to figure out how a halloween party ended up deadly. it was in colombia, and a 19- year-old from silver spring was killed -- it was in columbia, maryland. another was shot and paralyzed. so far, no arrests. they say the home was rented out for the party. >>> a former police chief charged with dui appears in a youtube video on the dangers of drinking and driving. he was arrested july 25 after an accident in arlington, in his blood-alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit. he spent time in jail and resigned. >> when you get to the decision point, whatever that is, think of it. >> baker says he has been in contact with the other driver involved in that collision, and that woman suffered whiplash and back pain. >>> turning now to the h1n1 outbreak, 10 million more doses are expected to become available of the vaccine this week. vaccine manufacturers where apparently w
to finish the job. >> after months of deliberation and debate, president obama to announce a new strategy with more troops. >> i think it's a mistake. to deepen our involvement. >> we're not going to be there forever. >> will his new approach contain al qaeda? can obama convince congress and the country to support this war? those questions this morning for our headliners. republican senator lindsey graham who supports more troops. and bernie sanders. the independent senator calling for an exit strategy. our "this week" debate. >>> then, the white hoe crashers. will they pay a price or get rich quick? that and all of the week's politics in our roundtable. with george will, cokie roberts, matthew dowd, paul krugman and dan senor. >>> and as always, the sunday funnies. >> the last time someone got into the white house who didn't belong there, they stayed there eight years. into >>> tuesday night the president travels to west point to announce his new strategy and more troops for afghanistan. now, the cadets are likely to be a receptive audience. but will the country rally behind president ob
for the u.s. war effort. >>> back on the trail. president obama tries to help fellow democrats slumping in the polls. could tuesday's results be a referendum on the president? >>> hold that pose. an ancient technique is now being used in new cutting-edge ways. how yoga is helping patients battle everything from attention deficit disorders to cancer. ♪ you ain't knock but a hound dog ♪ >>> and bad dog. bad. they bite. they chew. they bark, but can your out-of-control pooch be turned into a loyal lapdog. one fearless animal lover says yes, and he will show us how. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 1st. and if you're here, weope you remembered to set your clock back last night. an extra hour of sleep. >> that's right. oh, so delicious for those of us on dawn patrol. i hope you had a happy, safe, candy abundant halloween out there. you know what house has the good stuff, that 1600 pennsylvania avenue although the first lady might try to slip you some veggies from her garden. we'll tell you how that went. >> she was dressed as cat woman apparently. we'll
are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true there can be no agreement without china and india. but i'm convinced once we and europe and america show ourselves ready to adopt binding agreements, we will also be able to persuade china and india to join in, and then in copenhagen we shall be able to overcome this wall separating the present and future in the interest of our children and grandchildren, and in the interest of sustainable development all over the world. ladies and gentlemen, i'm convinced just as we found the strength in the 20th century to bring about the fall of the wall made of concrete and barbed wire, we shall now show the necessary strength to overcome the wal
in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years. what are the implications. i think we scratched our heads and said where is the runoff. >> he won by default simply because abdullah has opted out because of the pervasive amount of fraud that riddled the first election, it wasn't clear that second round wouldn't also be riddled with allegations of voter fraud
in san antonio. he was injured during his attack. >> and president obama plans to announce his strategy, secretary robert gibbs says the president now has the information he wants and needs. that announcement follows 10 strategy sessions on whether to commit new forces to afghanistan. middle tafere officials and others expect mr. o'bama to settle on a middle road option involving perhaps up to 35,000 u.s. forces. >> and finally on a much lighter note this morning will it be mya or donny or kelly? "dancing with the stars" will crown another champion tonight. >> ♪ >> that's singer mya. she's from maryland by the way. stheps front run tore win this. got a perfect score for her dance and leads the pack with 87 out of 90 points. fan favorite donny osmond is a close second with 85 points and kellysbourne is in third place with 76. so you can find out who gets mirrored ball trophy beginning tonight right here on abc 7. going to be a big fun show. >> a lot of folks going to be watching that one. >> 6:08 right now. >> and still ahead on a tuesday morning. the holiday rush for the h1n1 vaccine.
, president obama, al gore. it seemed like it just was not enough regardless of what kind of show they put on and it seemed like creigh dee never really hit his stride. here is what he had to say. >> we lose an election but we do not give up. we still have flight, spirit, and things to say. there are still people that need a voice, and we are going to give them that voice. >> bob mcdonnell would not say it tonight, but his surrogates sure would. they used the word "referendum." one told me that all of this talk that the gop was dead, he said that it is "crazy talk." he said this election indicates there is a different story out there tonight. >> thank you, scott several other key races were decided in virginia as well. >> the next lieutenant governor will also be a republican. bill bolling defeated democrat jody wagner. bolling has 56% of the vote. >> ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over steve shannon. >>> the new jersey governor did what he could to hang onto his seat, but in the and it was not enough. chris christie has been declared the winner there. christie up 49%. >>> ton
killers, murders, and could have done considerable damage to obama or joe biden. obama is the last person you want to be taking chances with because threats against him are up 400% since he became president. >> the pair claims they are part of an upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network that is going to air the show would not comment. >>> if you're waiting for the family to come in or thinking about leaving out late tonight for the thanksgiving holiday, lets take a quick look at some of the transportation routes. we're live at reagan airport, with you officials estimate about a million people will pass through, but that number is lower than last year. here is a picture of i-95, and the traffic is moving, and that's good news. a quick look at i-66, and tonight, there doesn't seem to be any reason for back ups. traffic is moving well. there could be overnight driving problems, so we'll check in with our chief meteorologist. >>> the entire metro area is under a dense fog advisory until tomorrow morning at 9:00. a couple things to remember with dense fog, it
obama, michelle obama, their daughters, and michelle obama's mother all stopped at martha's table to pass out holiday food. robert gibbs said the community service is in a bomb a family traditn. >>> -- is an obama family tradition. >>> tonight, an early dinner was held at a church in laurel. cynne simpson was there. >> serving up everything, from turkey to stuffing to mashed potatoes, the conservation of laurel church assembly of god prepared and served the meals, called simply delicious. >> it is great to be here. >> he and his mother have had a tough year. >> we're staying in a shelter right now. we were invited. >> food and fellowships left them focused on what they have, family. >> it is worth it to help the people who really needed, and the smiles on their face and the gratitude. >> the pastor says he is getting more calls than ever before from people struggling to get by. >> we have had more people say they need help. >> they dug deep to provide this mail and others throughout the holiday season. >> $25 gift card, and another prize was $10. about this volunteer says it is no
. they believe the shooter might have been in the car with the victim. >>> president obama is going back to the drawing board on a strategy for afghanistan. he will not accept any of the four options by his security team. he is asking for specifics on how and when u.s. troops will turn over security. the ambassador is voicing concerns about sending in more troops. >>> the president leaves for asia tonight. the tour begins in tokyo and includes stops in tokyo -- in china and south korea. he will first stop in alaska to me with u.s. troops there. >>> investigators will released new information from last week's deadly attack later today. they're still trying to determine what clues and suspected shooter drops before his ramparts. courtney robinson has the latest. >> the suspected gunman, some of the things they are looking into is whether he tried to wire money to pakistan and had contact with a radical imam. there were concerns about his stint at walter reed. doctors and staff said he was often belligerent in conversations about his fate. they tried to turn that into something positive but
and afghanistan. at the white house this afternoon press secretary robert gates said president obama is being kept up to date on the mass killing. we are expecting to hear from the president live at any time. again, the fbi is headed to fort hood. they are there now to investigate. was there has a warning or threat before the attacks. we don't know. homeland official security is saying they cannot confirm a motive behind the shooting. we're standing by for the president at any time now. he was previously scheduled to appear at an event and we are expecting h imto make comments about to the's shooting. 12 people killed at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this mom
? president obama is expected to announce an increase of troops for the war in afghanistan tuesday, but who will foot the bill of a million dollars per soldier per year? and just how does president obama finish the job there? we'll ask senator carl levin, chairman of the senate armed services committee. then we'll turn to divisions within the republican party. is there room for moderates? we'll talk with former republican candidate dede scozzafava, former house majority leader dick armey and former republican chairman ed gillespie, but first is the war in afghanistan winnable on "face the nation"? captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, harry smith. >> smith: good morning. and joining us now is senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> smith: this new report from your committee that basically confirms osama bin laden was within the grasp of u.s. military at tora bora in december of the year of 9/11. had he been killed or captured at
tonight from portland, oregon, thank you. >>> the white house announced today that president obama is gointo go to west point next tuesday night to make that address to the nation in his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. so jonathan karl is with us from the white house tonight. why west point? >> reporter: white house officials say the president wanted to speak directly to some of those what will bear the cost of his decision. but there's something else at work here this is going to be, i am told, aetailed speech. the president will outline not just his decision on troops and the strategy to afghanistan and pakistan but go through the process that he went through in making that speech. that means, a long speech, likely more than 40 minutes, and considerably longer than the kind of statements you would usually see the president give. >> listening to the white house spokesman today, i was struck -- we were focused on the troops added into afghanistan, but their focus, what they're talking about is totally when the troop troops, all of them, come home. >> reporter: it's fascina
? >> you know what, he hasn't failed since barack obama came into office. he was part of the team that failed over the past decade. i mean, god, you've got larry summers, who in '99 pushed legislation that led to where we are today, and geithner was there. for some reason, the one guy who's an outsider that could actually -- is outside the club, volcker, they don't talk to him. and i asked yesterday, i asked our little 17-year-old friend at "the new york times," andrew ross sorkin, who's written the best book on this. i said, why don't the obama people let volcker in the room because he could clean it up? you know what he said, he's not in the club. it's a small club, mike barnicle. it's a club that allows huge errors by these bankers and then give huge bonuses. people are angry. >> people are angry. the aig bonuses, goldman sachs bonuses, people are sick of it. i had an idea in new orleans yesterday walking around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate p
. >> they could have been terrorists, serial killers, murderers and done considerable damage to barack obama or joe biden. barack obama is the last person you want to be taking chancing with because threats against him are up some 400% since he became president as come paired to when bush was president. >> reporter: the pair claims they are part of the upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network which would air the show wouldn't confirm the couple was part of it and would not comment on the current investigation. >>> some 135 million people are expected to crash the stores tomorrow for black friday. workers at stores in best buy in alexandria spent the week making preparations for the crowd. hours before the store opens, security measures will be put in place. >> we're going to put cords and ropes an it so they can manage the crowd and it will basically wrap around the building. >> once inside they will hand out carts to shoppers and color- coded tickets should make it easier to find item answer smaller items in boxes to reduce the temptation for would be shop
of supporters who gave president obama a victory a year ago help to put him over the top. >> we are working as hard as we can to reach out to new and old voters. >> it has made us encouraged that we are up double-digits but only the feeling that we are on the right track. >> reporter: mcdonnell will be in our region. he has stops in prince william county and alexandria. and deeds will stop in alexandria. >>> if you would like to learn more about the candidates for all the races and ballot questions in virginia and maryland we have it on our website at >>> a push is on for private contractors to gave six partners the same benefits as married people in montgomery county. a bill is expected to be produced -- introduced this week. the "washington post" reports the measure has widespread support in the council. it could affect 450 firms if approved. >>> it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back. hey, jess. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking able the economy week. it is a big week for taking a a pulse on how the economic recovery is doing. we kick off the
that could shape the future of american forces. >>> president obama make a promise of his own to afghan's neighbor, iran. >>> here at home, just week from finneying her take, a local college student is killed and police say it was because of a hunter's mistake. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is november 19th. there is a live look at 395 at the pentagon. traffic is moving there but the roads are wet this morning. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm a steve chenevey. >> thank you for being along with us this morning. we'll found out more about the wetness factor out there. we've get wet roads. fog across the area. a lot of moisture to deal with this morning. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll start there. we are seeing main highlight shower activity. there are a couple of spots of heavy rain well off to the west across winchester right now. we are seeing that. but the rest of area most of the rest of the area is not seeing rain at this hour. it is more mist, some drizzle and the fog but the areas in green you see out to the west are getting some rainfall. that will be the kin
with agency inspectors. earlier today, president obama said there would be consequences if iran does not demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful. tracmartha: new developments toy on the attack on fort hood. the army and department of defense will launch their own investigation. according to reports, the army will look at mix warnings well the pentagon is going to focus their investigation of how military services people watch on potential problem people that may be simmering in their ranks. how did they find these people and get them out before there is the kind of trouble we saw at fort hood? a pentagon spokesman tells us that the final decision on how to investigate this has not yet been made. army maj nidal hasan is accused of gunning down 13 of his fellow soldiers at fort hood. he has been charged with premeditated murder in all of their deaths. meanwhile, the congressman, whose district includes the fort hood area, is going to introduce legislation today that will give fort hood occupancy same legal status as troops in combat. trace: fox news on the job hunt, and there
they missed? jon: president obama credited china with helping to pull the u.s. out of recession. he and the chinese president pledged cooperation despite divisive issues like human rights. jane: who should get a mammogram and at what age? one of the big question is going forward, will your insurance continue to pay for mammograms? bill: there has been -- jon: there has been an earthquake in british columbia. >> of what they are telling me is that this is off the coast of british columbia, not far from the island chain of prince rupert. the good news is that it is not near a huge populated area. but it is still an estimated 6.6, as confirmed by the usgs, a pretty big earthquake. as i was told by the scientists moments ago, the population is pretty low in that area. they're holding out hope that this will have very little effect on the people. right now there are no official tsunami warnings. back to you guys. bill: -- jon: thank you. jane: the administration is putting 9/11 terror suspects on trial in civilian court. this is sparking the divisions in multiples circles. just blocks fr
's revised plan to afghanistan. mr.obama is expected to announce a surge of 30,000 american troops to the area. he will make that announcement in an address from the west wing tomorrow. meantime, today at the white house, president obama meets with australian prime minister kevin rudd. the two will discuss a rane of issues including afghanistan and climate change. >>> on the hill today, the full senate takes up the health care debate. 60 votes are needed to pass the legislation. some republican critics are urmging democrats to started from scratch and craft a new bill. lawmaker say there is little chance of starting over on a plan that has been debated at length in the house. >>> this week, new smoking regulations go into effect in virginia. starting tomorrow, december 1st, bars and restaurants across the commonwealth must place smokers in rooms with separate ventilation systems. smoking will be allowed on outdoor patios and in private membership clubs. some establishments will ban smoking altogether though. businesses will be required to ask employees to sign an affidavit if they
column after it went blue to elect president obama last year. >> coming up in the 7:00 hour now, we talk with our team of jim and peter about what mcdonnell's victory paired with the republican win in the new jersey race means. >> also at #:00, haze gone from survivor winner to the fcc. we will talk about the effort to make the fcc more user friendly. >>> a special ceremony commemmorating the fall of the berlin wall and the 20th anniversary. hard to believe it's been 20 years. i think we can all remember where we were when that news came down. >> talking abt that earlier this morning with tony. speaking of, let's check in with tony and get a look at what is happening outside. >> as you both know, it is cold this morning across the region. in many spots, our temperatures are in the 30s. but a beautiful blue sky early this morning. let's take a look at the advisories that are in effect for one more hour. yeah, believe it or not, we have a frost advisory in effect for some of the close-in counties including montgomery county, fairfax county, loudoun county. and out to the west, the counties
credit expires in april so i'm curious if the obama white house is going to extend that beyond april. that's what a lot of people would like to see but it could contribute to the numbers not exactly accurate picture what is happening with home sales. >> back to the possibility of a second stimulus as you pointed out and ms others they would not call it that because of the reaction the first stimulus people don't believe that in some cases it was large enough, others say it has not worked. what kind of support would there be out there for a second stimulus from democrats, especially the moderates? >> it's a great question. i mean, i think that you had a lot of support for this right when it passed in the winter right when the president took office but it is a tougher political climate and coming up on the midterm congressional elections. if they phrased it in the form of tax credits or more tax cuts for workers, i think that might be popular. obviously, extending unemployment benefits is something, i think, they are taking a serious look at so it's taking shape but i do think they wil
obama. the races are being watched as a symbolic vote on how people feel about the white house. fox's bill hammer is more with on how the other races are shaping up. >> reporter: good evening to you. we will talk about virginia in a moment. in new jersey, this is a neck and neck race. president barack obama has tied himself to core zine, stumping there three times. new jersey has not gone for a republican governor going back to 1997. the economy, taxes, big issues in new jersey has helped to keep the race close. the third candidate, we're not sure what sort of impact he will have. he's pulling support away from both the democratic and republican candidates. the state of virginia appears to be a lot more clear-cut. republican bok mcdonnell against creigh deeds, which has got a lot of attention down there in our nation's copy. this was a state that went for president obama only 12 months ago, and it's the first time it has voted for a democrat in 44 years. a republican victory tonight could put the theory to the test. local issues are big, economy, jobs, transportation top of the list
with president obama and our first lady. obviously this investigation is just beginning. we have tried to get in touch with the couple for additional comment but have not heard back. no word on whether they could face charges. of course we will stay on top of this story and bring you more as get it. >> thanks very much. >>> to another big story we're following. the suspect in the murder of this 9-year-old boy found dead in his jail cell today. jose pena was arresadd eek ago for shooting -- arrested a week ago for shooting this little boy through his apartment door. >> reporter: he used a sheet to take his own life. tonight an investigation is now underway at the jail. officials confirm pena was operated from other inmates at the time. the big question tonight is when was the last time someone checked in on this high profile alleged child killer. in the neighborhood of 9-year- old oscar fuentes, the news that his alleged killer was found hanged in the d.c. jail was met with mixed reaction. >> they should have watched him. it's a big case. they should have kept an eye on him. >> with any big c
since barack obama made the trust of voters a year ago. mcdonnell said he is ready to get to work. creigh deeds' spirit seems to be alive. >> just because we didn't win doesn't mean we can't keep fighting. i'm fighting. deeds promises to keep giving people of virginia a voice in the state senate. mcdonnell with history on his side since the start. no one has gone on to capture the virginiaship the last nine years. >>> for the first time in over a decade, the same party will hold all top three offices. bill bolling easily got reelection over jodi w --jody wagner. >>> maryland, plenty of local races in the free state. rockville will have a new mayor. voters ousted susanne hoffman for phyllis marcuhio. emmit jordan will be the first black city counselor in greenville, maryland. we have numbers from every race on click on the banner in the top of the page. >>> in new jersey, republicans took back the. office -- the office. >> form we will take about the office for those who do not want the government to fix every problem, giving the hand up to beat it themselves. >>> in tha
of the roses on it was one year ago today that barak obama was elected president of the united states. november4th, 2008, a record number of americans cast their ballots resulting in the historic obama victory over republican john mccain. you will remember, people waited if line in some cases for hours earning the president a popular vote count of more than 69 million compared to mccain would came in at just under 60 million votes. >>> next monday, another huge milestone as the 20th' of the fall of the berlin wall. president obama will not be in berlin to celebrate the anniversary because of a planned trip to asia. later on this morning, i'll head on out to the newseum and we'll take a look at how it is marking this anniversary. >> they have a great display. >> should be fun. i'll be reporting for the 9:00 hour. >> we talked about this yesterday in our planning meeting and i was shocked that it has been 0 years sin the berlin wall fell. and because for many. us growing up, the berlin wall was always there and there was at some point no real thought or hope that it would ever co
. it is an unnecessary risk to the city of new york. >> former new york mayor rudy giuliani blasted the obama administration's plan. >> i am troubled by the senate -- the symbolism of it. the obama administration is getting away from the fact that we are at war with these terrorists. >> we believe this is the appropriate thing to do. >> the guantanamo bay prison that has been a source of controversy since its inception. eric holder announced that 9/11 mastermind and several others will be tried in a civilian court rather than in a military tribunal. >> the department of justice and the department of defense have made this decision after extensive, exhaustive review. >> president obama pledged to close the guantanamo facility, but it is still unclear where the prisoners will be faced. a maximum-security prison in ellen 08 could be sold to the federal government and could solve that -- in illinois could be sold to the federal government and could solve the problem. >>> the president will hold talks with local politicians and conduct a town hall meeting with chinese university students. he will
. the president and first lady welcomes 2,000 kids and parents to celebrate the holiday. ms. obama was the only one in costume. they got goody bags full of m & m's and a treat from the white house pastry chef. >>> fox 5's matt acland looks at some more memorable get-ups. >> reporter: it's a tradition aswell known as trick or treating. m street attracting famous people. our first celebrity citing, the athletic and beautiful. >> i'm serena williams. it started to rain, hail, sleet, bring it on. >> reporter: but on a night so frightful, even the dead were spotted. >> did you know maryland monroe is dating the beast. >> we were hoping there won't be that much people. >> i'm a midnight ferry. >> did you make your costume or did your mom do it? >> my mom. >> reporter: for many this was not about dressing up, instead they brought the people for people watching. >> you have done this before? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what do you think of the outfits so far? >> interesting. >> reporter: to deal with some of the traffic issues, authorities set up barricades along m street and blocked off side streets but
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